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Jake is a proven Web Developer with a track record for managing multiple projects at the same time with little oversight. He is knowledgeable on a wide variety of technologies and has the ability to learn new technologies quickly. As a media company, Jake’s previous experience as a Graphic Designer proved to be very useful to my company and our customers as well. Jake is a great guy to work with and he is comfortable in front of customers as well. We have worked with designers and developers before when that was not the case.

- Ty Matlock: Matlock Media Group

Jake has one of the most innovative minds I have ever seen. Having worked on hundreds of websites and many software projects I can say that I've never had better results and more interesting application of technologies than those he came up with. Also his sense of humor and honor make him a pleasure to do business with.

- Shayne McKinney: Greater Innovation

I really enjoyed working with Jake McTyre and would work with him again should the opportunity arise. He is a creative problem solver and can pick up new technologies quickly. As a lead developer on an ambitious ERP system he performed at a professional level, using his past experience to drive the project forward. He can be a fun guy to have around and can handle stressful situations well. He has also shown flexibility in projects with the ability to move between projects with ease. He has shown a wide range of knowledge in many technologies and has excelled in finding creative and elegant solutions. He would make a valuable team member to any project.

- Aaron Price: Gadget Grave

As a Senior Project Manager, I've had the pleasure of having Jake on four of my projects over the years. Jake embodies all the characteristics you want in an engineer and team member. Resourceful - Many people are talented but few can claim they are also resourceful. Jake can. For example, Jake was tasked with creating a microsite that was intended to be used for a single purpose. Jake not only met the needs for the site but he did it in such a way the client was able to reuse the components for other sites saving them valuable time and money. Team Player - As Jake's project manager, I've had the opportunity to witness his interaction on various teams with a wide range of personalities involved. Jake is a phenomenal team player. In various instances, I've seen Jake look to stretch and grow his own skills while still allowing others on the team to do the same. Jake would ask for help if needed and be the first to volunteer to assist others. Willing to go above and beyond - Invariably, there will be times when a team needs to go beyond the typical working hours to meet a deadline. Jake was always willing to do whatever it took to deliver quality work to a client on time. Collaborative - On larger projects, it's easy to become specialized. Jake was open to sharing his knowledge, injecting ideas, and receiving feedback. Great with clients - Jake has joined me in client facing meetings including other engineers to executives. Jake always found a way to appropriately interact with those in the meeting all the while remaining authentic. Our clients found him personable, knowledgeable and talented. Integrity - I never had to worry about Jake being an imposter. Jake was always very forthcoming about this skill set and level of expertise. Creative - Outside of work, I've had the honor of seeing Jake's creativity in his personal projects. It's truly a treat seeing the technical and creative side of Jake. In addition to all of the above, one of the key reasons why I always sought to have Jake on my team was the attitude he brought. Along with his professionalism and dedication, Jake has a unique way of finding the right balance of seriousness and levity just when you need it. At the end of the day, Jake's talent will speak for itself. It's who he is as a person and how he interacts with everyone on the team that is truly Jake's secret sauce.

- Cindy Bender: Phase 2 Technology

Jake is such a wonderful teammate. We spent time working together on one of the most challenging projects of my career, and despite the high pressure, stressful situations, and constant tension, his was always the coolest head on the team. In my experience, some of the most valuable skills to have on a development team in the trenches are calmness and a strong sense of humor. You just can't work with this guy and not smile. Of course Jake is also a talented developer and a dedicated worker. He won't shy away from any challenge and he's always willing to jump on something new. Though he's courageous, he's also remarkably humble. I've never met a k inder person, let alone a coworker. I'd recommend Jake for any project team and I'd be so happy to work with him again in the future

- Michael Wight: Phase 2 Technology